Maio and Company in the News

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  • Clarkston Centre for Business Ethics, University of Toronto, "The Three TenoRS: Yali, Clarkson & Drucker - Changing the Definition of Total Returns to Shareholders (TRS)," Published speech by David R. Beatty, Professor of Strategic Management & Director of Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics, Rotman School of Business, Canada, May 22, 2001

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  • The Wall Street Journal, "Putnam Investments Turns to TV with Unusual Pitch to Stand Out," October 22, 1999

  • The Wall Street Journal, "MasterCard to Allow Certain Banks to Move Its Logo to the Back of Cards," June 28, 1999

  • The Design Management Institute Newsletter, "News from the Design Management Institute: Second Opinion, Is 'Identity' a Profession?," USA, June 3, 1999
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